This documentation is for an old version of fiftyfive-wicket (2.0.9).

Class Html5Validator

  extended by fiftyfive.wicket.test.AbstractDocumentValidator
      extended by fiftyfive.wicket.test.Html5Validator
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Html5Validator
extends AbstractDocumentValidator

Utility for parsing HTML5 documents and verifying that they are valid. Uses code provided by You should not have to use this class directly; it will be auto-selected by helper methods in WicketTestUtils.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  DocumentBuilder builder()
          Constructs and returns an HTML5 HtmlDocumentBuilder.
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Constructor Detail


public Html5Validator()
Method Detail


protected DocumentBuilder builder()
Constructs and returns an HTML5 HtmlDocumentBuilder.

Specified by:
builder in class AbstractDocumentValidator

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