This documentation is for an old version of fiftyfive-wicket (2.0.9).

Class AbstractJavaScriptContribution

  extended by org.apache.wicket.behavior.AbstractBehavior
      extended by fiftyfive.wicket.js.AbstractJavaScriptContribution
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, IBehavior, IComponentConfigurationBehavior, IClusterable, IHeaderContributor
Direct Known Subclasses:
DomReadyScript, DomReadyTemplate, JavaScriptDependency

public abstract class AbstractJavaScriptContribution
extends AbstractBehavior

Base class for fiftyfive-wicket-js JavaScript <head> behaviors. Provides methods for rendering dependencies as script src tags, and DOM-ready scripts as the appropriate wicket-event.js or jQuery DOM-ready declaration.

You will most likely never need to use this class or subclass it directly.

See Also:
Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void renderDependencies(IHeaderResponse response, DependencyCollection dependencies, ResourceReference exclude)
          Renders a collection of JavaScript dependencies to the <head> as script src tags.
protected  void renderDomReady(IHeaderResponse response, String script)
          Injects the given JavaScript string into a DOM-ready code block within the <head>.
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Constructor Detail


public AbstractJavaScriptContribution()
Method Detail


protected void renderDependencies(IHeaderResponse response,
                                  DependencyCollection dependencies,
                                  ResourceReference exclude)
Renders a collection of JavaScript dependencies to the <head> as script src tags. If the dependencies include a CSS resource, that is rendered as well, using an appropriate <link> tag.

response - The header object provided by Wicket, into which the <script> and <link> tags will be written.
dependencies - The dependencies to render. May be empty.
exclude - If not null, this particular dependency will be skipped and not rendered when traversing the dependency collection.


protected void renderDomReady(IHeaderResponse response,
                              String script)
Injects the given JavaScript string into a DOM-ready code block within the <head>.

If we are within an ajax request, use Wicket's standard renderOnDomReadyJavascript() method to add javascript to the <head>. During non-ajax requests, instead add the following jQuery snippet to execute the javacript on DOM ready: jQuery(function() { ... });

In either case, a script src tag for jQuery will be added to the <head> if it was not there already.

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