55 Minutes Wicket - All Classes 4.0.2 API

fiftyfive.wicket Improved foundation for Wicket Application configuration.
fiftyfive.wicket.basic A simple container class, and label components for dealing with truncation, placeholders and counts.
fiftyfive.wicket.css Utilities for merging and declaring CSS dependencies and modifying HTML class attributes.
fiftyfive.wicket.data Custom implementation of Wicket's IDataProvider.
fiftyfive.wicket.feedback Time-saving classes for styling Wicket's feedback messages.
fiftyfive.wicket.form Improved radio and checkbox group components.
fiftyfive.wicket.js The fiftyfive-wicket-js project features JavaScript dependency resolution, merged JavaScript resources, and a clean way to integrate external JavaScript files with Wicket pages and components.
fiftyfive.wicket.js.datetime A jQuery UI replacement for Wicket’s YUI DatePicker.
fiftyfive.wicket.js.locator Low-level implementation classes for Sprocket-style JavaScript dependency management.
fiftyfive.wicket.link Purpose-specific Link components.
fiftyfive.wicket.list Improvements to Wicket's ListView.
fiftyfive.wicket.model Purpose-specific model classes.
fiftyfive.wicket.prototype Components intended for throw-away use during UI prototyping.
fiftyfive.wicket.resource Low-level support classes for merged resources.
fiftyfive.wicket.shiro The fiftyfive-wicket-shiro project is a simple set of classes that allow you to use the full power of Shiro secure to your Wicket applications.
fiftyfive.wicket.shiro.markup Basic implementations of login/logout UI markup components that allow you to quickly bootstrap a Shiro-Wicket project.
fiftyfive.wicket.shiro.test Unit testing support for Shiro-Wicket projects.
fiftyfive.wicket.spring Spring-specific classes.
fiftyfive.wicket.test Enhancements to Wicket's testing framework.
fiftyfive.wicket.test.dtd Offline copies of XHTML DTDs (speeds up XML validation).
fiftyfive.wicket.util Lots of general Wicket time-savers.


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